Happy Diwali!

It was 5.00 am in the morning & I was half asleep.I could hear some familiar voices around. “5 more mins maa”, I mumbled and slept again. The voices became faint. It was all silent & I went into deep slumber Boom! I heard a loud sound and woke up startled. Irritated & anguished, I … More Happy Diwali!

Its everything you ever want, its everything you ever need……

When I decided to watch The Greatest Showman during Christmas 2017 it was purely for my new found love for Musicals post watching Into The Woods, La La Land, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and a rerun of Mamma Mia. With the release of Padmavat getting postponed and nothing else to watch, I saw … More Its everything you ever want, its everything you ever need……

The I in India

“Auto”….. I raised my hand & screamed. Mariya raised an eyebrow & laughed. She was amused at this eccentric way of calling a ride. “Welcome to India”, I said & gave her a high-five. Mariya is a close friend of mine and she resides in the States. Last month, she was on a short business … More The I in India

Movie Review- October

October is a movie which is something hardly seen in cinema. It may not give you entertainment like a masala potboiler does but it evokes warmth, compassion, gratitude and feelings of unconditional love. Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu have effortlessly slipped into their characters of Dan and Shiuli. Rarely in cinema do characters rise above … More Movie Review- October

Bollywood YearEnder 2017

A year of small yet heart-warming, commercial yet critically acclaimed movies with so called big flicks bombing month after month-2017 will always be remembered as the Bollywood game changer. For the first half of 2017 read- https://koshamajmundar.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/bollywood-interval-2017/ Here is the second part of Bollywood in 2017- THE BEST ONES Tumhari Sulu The little brilliant gem … More Bollywood YearEnder 2017