Mango Mania!

One night, I had a strange dream. I was walking for miles and miles in a mango orchard. I could see dozens of mangoes hanging on trees. Some were ripe and yellow, some were unripe and green. After walking for a while, I turned left and discovered something like a waterfall. The waterfall not only … More Mango Mania!

TsuNaMo 2019

So the Indian Elections 2019 concluded yesterday with a resounding thumping victory for Modi Here are some hillarious posts from social media that were put on the day of results ending around 2 months of a crazy crazy ride Note- Posts are taken from various social media apps and are not meant to troll anyone. … More TsuNaMo 2019


“Kaka, did you receive a parcel?”, I asked the watchman. Kaka is a 60 year old man and has been serving our housing society since I was a teenager. He loves listening to music and owns a small radio set. I have often seen him engaging in conversation with the elderly and all they discuss … More Radio

Magical Mashru Silk

I have always been a big fan of local handicrafts and markets in whichever place I visit. Knowing my penchant for handloom, handicrafts and local bazaars, my mother in law suggested me to visit “Mashru” weavers in Patan, Gujarat. While I was aware about the Patola craft of Patan and had visited the weavers and … More Magical Mashru Silk

The Fat Fads

Since a long time India has been obsessed with thin/lean body and fair skin. Specially girls who are the opposite of that, find it very difficult to live in such a society. Everyone must have heard ‘kitni kali hai. Besan laga gori ho jayegi’, ‘my god kitni moti hai, koi ladka shadi nai karega tujhse.’ … More The Fat Fads

Bollywood Year Ender 2018

After having a stupendous first half at the movies in 2018, Bollywood had an equally acclaimed and enjoyable second half Read Bollywood Interval 2018 at- And here is the yearender list of Bollywood gems in the second half of 2018 Andhadhun– 2018 will probably be always remembered as the year ruled by the new … More Bollywood Year Ender 2018